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For the most part I am not currently much of a people photographer.

Not that people are not interesting or challenging. I just prefer to exercise a certain amount of control which is usually not available to me these days.

Studio photography permits control of lighting and backgrounds. The light (direction, color, quantity, and quality (hard-soft), can be manipulated in the studio.

However candid location photography is what it is, offering little opportunity to alter existing conditions. Finding interesting light on a subject's face as well as a suitable background is somewhat rare. And typically as soon as the subject is aware of your intrusion, they can quickly lose the relaxed, honest expression that first attracted your attention.

In my travels I find kids ready to ham it up, but adults generally are not so receptive to having their photos taken. If I can "steal" a shot or two without alerting the subject I'll do so, then I often ask permission to take photos. The stolen shots usually are better, but in any case, I end up with far more culls than keepers.

So I share the following photos because they either stoke pleasant memories for me, or because I think they can stand on their own as decent photography. I'll be adding images as I either digitize older work, or edit more recent work.



Odd & Ends



Chile 2000

Turkey, Greece




ASHaspelRSkilledHands BoyinSabah001 ASHaspelRPokerFace
AGhaspelrheather ASHaspelRWeatherGirl
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