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Composition and other interesting stuff
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Presentation: Deals with issues regarding displaying an image on a black background

A few neat things I've read that others have said about composition.

1. Composition is putting several things together so as to make one thing of them.

2. Well composed work is another thing all-together from simply recording a scene.

3. If it were possible to be witty by rule, wit would cease to be admirable or amusing. If it were possible to compose melody by rule, Mozart need not have been born. The essence of composition lies precisely in the fact of its being unteachable.

4. Good composition is the strongest way of seeing . . .

Composition and other stuff: evaluating images

Composition and other stuff: evaluating images, Page Two

Split Toning
a color image

White Vignettes
A good way to enhance many images.

Edge Burn - Vignettes
Keep the viewer's attention on the intended subject.


Some of my thoughts:

Rules of composition have likely come about through observation of successful works by those that would like to emulate that success. I don't think good composition can be that easily learned.

Trying to produce work to satisfy the existing rules of composition will not guarantee success. However, such work might be well accepted by those that are only comfortable using rules to evaluate images, those without the self confidence to appreciate something they have not been schooled to to appreciate.

Literal interpretation of the rules of composition, as a standard by which images are evaluated, will likely lead to rejection of some excellent images that don't seem to comply with the rules.


There are other qualities commonly used to judge photos that can be misused to devalue excellent images.

Fads are far less prevalent now than a time not long ago when staying in fashion meant changing skirt lengths and hair styles on regular basis. Although we can enjoy dressing to please ourselves these days, fads and opinions seem alive and well in the art world. Unfortunately, I think, we too often allow our narrow minded opinions to get in the way of enjoying many images. ( I know I'm guilty of this from time to time.)


: a viewer prefers B&W to color
: a viewer prefers lots of shadow detail over shadows lacking detail
: a viewer prefers no, or very little grain or noise, to grainy or noisy images
: a viewer prefers "straight" photography over manipulated images; or perhaps favors highly edited images

. . . and on and on . . . there is practically no end to prejudices that can affect a viewer's response to a photograph.

Some of life's enjoyments can be an acquired taste, and that can be true with photography as well. Should your work pass careful and honest self appraisal, yet not be met with universal high praise, take comfort in the fact that not everyone thinks alike. In fact rejection itself can be rewarding . . . depending on the source of the rejection.


There is (or soon will be) a second page on this subject, with some images that illustrate better than my words what I'd like to say.

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