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Presentation: Deals with issues regarding displaying an image on a black background

This is the contents page for articles section.


The links to the left lead to articles. Links to new articles will be added as I get around to coming up with them.

Some articles are text based with illustrations, others are videos, and some have both text and video content. Some may have text, illustrations, and video. Is that clear?

Clicking the link takes you to that article . . . duh.



I'd like to mention again that stuff you find here is simply my take on any particular subject. I don't claim to be an authority, nor do I even represent the information as any more than entertainment.

The use of any information found on this site shall be solely at the visiter's risk.

Don't say I didn't warn you!


Comments, questions, and corrections are welcomed. Perhaps hard questions, rude comments, and corrections may not be warmly received.

Composition and other stuff: evaluating images

Composition and other stuff: evaluating images, Page Two

Split Toning
a color image

White Vignettes
A good way to enhance many images.

Edge Burn - Vignettes
Keep the viewer's attention on the intended subject.

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