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Welcome to RoofusWorld . . . Please read the following before proceeding . . .

From time to time I am motivated to ramble on about things photographic. To that end, I started this site.

I will be sharing my thoughts about many aspects of photography. However, I am not suggesting those thoughts are either original or that they are valid. Draw your own conclusions. . . . . . but try to keep an open mind.

It has been my experience that I generally learn more about something when trying to either defend an idea, or explain things I know (or thought I knew) or when attempting to shoot down something with which I don't agree. No doubt such efforts have, at times, led me to change my mind about things I previously thought I knew. So whether you find yourself agreeing or disagreeing with stuff I present here, you might benefit from simply giving it some thought.

Keep in mind that many issues are not black or white, and for those there is no truly right or wrong position.

Anything posted here related to esthetics or artistic value is biased towards my personal values, and should be regarded as such.

Don't look for much in the way of formulas or numbers, mostly because I'm pretty weak at math, and also because formulas often are not adequate. Suggestion like, spot meter a person's cheek to obtain correct exposure is inadequate. Which cheek, the one in full sun, or the one in shadow? Is the skin shiny and highly reflective, or dull with less reflectance? Further, is the exposure meter calibrated to produce an image tone that matches that of the cheek you are spot metering? Should I get around to posting about exposure, I'll delve into stuff like that.

I’ll be adding stuff as I am inclined. There will be no logical order, and subject matter will vary from semi useful to somewhat useless.

I should mention that although things I will present here are spewing fourth from my head, they are based on learning from many qualified sources, and a fair amount actual photography over many years. It is my hope that you find most of it worth the time spent.


The articles tab at the top of the page will take you to my ramblings, or click here.


Feel free to offer corrections, comments, or questions regarding stuff I post here.
Click the contact tab above for such communication.

The about tab above will take you to my auto-biographical information. Here you will find totally unbiased information touting my vast photographic background upon which I base my unsurpassed grasp of stuff herein presented.


On a serious note, I sincerely hope your time spent here will be of some value to your photography, Robert.


Mount Baker from RoofusWorld . . . For some details about this image, click here.

This photo is comprised of 8 vertical format images combined in Photoshop. The height of each exposure was approximately the height of the image shown. Without the magic of Photoshop, I would have simply zoomed to this width, shot, and cropped off the upper and lower portions to obtain this panorama. The resolution of such a single shot approach would not support a large print . . . I wanted a 12" X 36" print. The resolution of the 8 shots assembled by Photoshop is huge, as I recall, 240 dots per inch would have supported a print about 8 feet wide!

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